Charlie Patricolo

Charlie Patricolo

I am an enthusiastic crafts person who is lucky enough to able to make my living doing something I love.  


I began making dolls from patterns on and off in my teen years. After taking a class at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC, I began to create my own designs.  I have been fortunate enough to teach and to work with galleries willing to sell my work.   I was accepted into the Southern Highland Craft Guild in 2002 that opened many doors for me. In 2017 I completed the jury process for ODACA (Original Doll Artist Council of America).  This has helped me push myself towards more 'one of a kind' dolls. 


I have loved this journey. I am inspired by lines from songs, pieces of fabrics, stages of my life as well as those around me. I just never know when or where the idea will come from for the next series. Being open to the possibilities is first, then living with the idea in my head for days, weeks and even months before all the parts come together and I have the opportunity to get into the studio with several days in a row to work on something new. 


And then there are the challenges of teaching students to make what their hearts and hands can do and watching them realize their possibilities. It is a wonderful thing to have a student at the beginning of the class say that they are not sure they can actually MAKE a doll, and then get to the end of the class and realize that they have MADE the doll.   Best feeling for all of us!


My recent work is heavy on fantasy and I think that is in response to our need to ‘escape’ some of the tougher things that are going on in the real world.  My goal has always been and remains to bring joy to anyone who encounters the dolls.     

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