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Margo Locke


Margo Locke resides in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina but originated from Kentucky where she received a B.F.A. in Art from Murray State University.  Her art is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Appalachian region she lives in as well as the engaging people who surround her. Margo is a retired middle-grades Science teacher. She has three daughters and seven grandchildren who live near her and who help embody life as well as embrace her art.

Her style is a direct reflection of what she sees in the images she projects in her art. For her, water color is the medium that best reflects what she observes and allows her to portray them artfully in her paintings with her own unique style. She does not draw out her ideas but she mentally paints the picture in her imagination and then transfers that image to her paint. The colors and patterns are very real to her and sometimes the end result is unexpected as she feels
that the process of all her art is an adventure. She has always felt that her art is a gift from the Lord and is one of the reasons she enjoys it so much.



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