Pamela Haddock

I have been told my work is spiritual I appreciate and try to achieve an emotional connection with my subject and infuse it in my work.  I love the mountains, the movement of light as the time of day shifts along with the movement of the clouds.  I love rocks and water, trees and the landscapes they create.  Borrowing from actual locations and visualization of places that have been enhanced by memory I create my scenes.  I use a print brayer on plate surface substrate.   I enjoy the unpredictability of the process along with the fact I must stand and engage so physically with the medium.  The unique interaction of these elements creates some surprising results.  I layer watercolor pigment rolling it on with a brayer creating light direction.  With the colors layered I then spray with water and lift to reveal the deeper layers. Using single edge razor blades, palette knives and chisel end brushes I push, scratch and scrape the rock and tree shapes into the paint. The result is the impression of dappled light, dust motes and fireflies along rock strewn landscapes.  The color is not absorbed into the substrate.  Because the paint lays on the surface it retains an intensity unlike color applied to 140lb. traditional cold press paper. Upon completion of the work I seal the painting with a UV/UVA acrylic sealant which also serves to pop the color intensity a bit more.

I have not abandoned traditional watercolor techniques and continue to paint using a wet on wet technique on 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. This technique is a reliable old friend that I continue to visit often.

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