t.e. siewert

I found myself at that place in time where you know you must do what you were meant to do and do it now or it will never happen.  For me, that meant creating art - taking the experiences and feelings of my life and placing them on a surface to try and capture meanings that I can share with others.  My hope is that the viewer of my art will share these experiences in a way that will move them, that they will take something with them that will be remembered. 

About Encaustics

Encaustic medium is a blend of natural  beeswax and damar resin. It is melted in metal containers on a heated palette and applied by brush or poured onto an absorbent  substrate . Each layer is then reheated merge it with the preceeding one.  The meaning of the word encaustic is “to burn in” and  comes from the Greek word enkaiein, referencing  the process of fusing the layers.  

Encaustic medium is extremely versatile. It can be scraped, inscribed, collaged, molded, sculpted, textured and used with many other mediums. It is also the most archival of mediums having proved its durability in paintings that have survived beautifully since the first century! It does not require any protective coatings or coverings as it is impervious to moisture.  Follow the usual temperature recommendations as for any artwork. 

About Cold Wax

Cold wax is also made of a beeswax blend, but is not heated. Oil paint is mixed with the medium for color. Cold wax is known for its ability to allow the “history” of the painting to be revealed in layers of color and the use of scraffito techniques to embellish the design.


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