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   John Smith

My inspiration for my landscape photography comes from the mountains of Western North Carolina. My goal is to capture the beauty and majesty of these mountains on a printed piece of paper. I wanted to be able to share my images so all could understand what it is like to live in such splendor. I cannot remember a time when I was not interested in photography in all its form.

 My start was as a professional photographer doing primarily commercial work. I then began to develop and print my own prints. When I began taking landscapes I became interested in displaying photography as art, whether putting the image behind glass or applying protective coatings as I now use. The coating gives a protective UV matte finish. The final image is a culmination of capturing the image, interpreting it on printed paper and framing it for all to enjoy. Above all, I am interested in having my photography seen as an art, an interpretation of the scene as seen through the eyes of a photographer, just as the painted scene is seen through the eye of the artist.


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