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Tracey McCracken Palmer

Tracey McCracken Palmer is a native of Haywood County in Western North Carolina, and has always used art to express herself. As a young girl, she used graphite pencil to capture the world around her, then in high school she started exploring the world of acrylics, adding watercolor and soft pastels to her painting mediums through the years. She is a self-taught artist with no formal schooling. Skies and clouds captivate her, and the way light plays with shadow, and she is inspired daily by the beauty of these Great Smoky Mountains. The changing of seasons and weather each hold their own magic, and are a constant source of creativity for her. Through her artwork, she seeks to share the beauty she sees in her every day surroundings.

Although she still works in other mediums, Tracey has recently discovered the art of making felt, and is now "painting" landscapes through the process of wet felting. She finds it very exciting to layer colors of pure dyed wool to create her scenes, then wet and work it with the use of friction until the fibers bond together, creating felt. After it has dried, she adds more details with the use of needle felting, using notched needles which push the wool fibers into the felt. Each felted landscape is totally unique and made entirely by hand, using pure wool and silk fibers.


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