Geoff Lloyd

“My work is a result of many choices made regarding the style of pottery I want to make, the materials I use to produce it, and the techniques employed to carry out the process. There are four particular elements that I use to make my work unique.

First, all forms are produced on the wheel from finest English grolleg porcelain. Once the pieces are finished off and dry, the glazing process begins. A base color is applied, then I spray each piece with an ash based glaze.

To add the final touch of color, each piece gets a splash of copper red glaze; an ancient oriental red glaze which demands constant attention during the firing to achieve the color.

Finally, all of the glazes are applied to raw clay and the pieces are then fired in a single firing process which takes approximately 16 – 18 hours. Applying the glaze directly to raw clay allows the glaze to penetrate the surface more thoroughly, and the process of single firing saves the energy of having to do several bisque firings for each kiln load. I understand that an artists’ reputation is staked upon the quality of there work, and I strive in many ways to maintain a high level.

I sincerely hope that the end product is a piece worthy of your enjoyment for years to come, and that you will look for my work in the future!”


Baking Dish
Berry Bowl
Dessert Bowl
Oval Bowl
Brie Baker
Bud Vase
Medium Vase
Small Vase
Mugs Assorted
Utensil Jar
Spoon Rest
XL Vase
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