JC Cathey


JC is a native of Western NC. After Graduation, he served his country for 20 years as an Intelligence Analyst in the USAF. During that 20 years he “visited” over 30 countries and continually broadened his interests in, and knowledge of, the worlds woods. After the conclusion of Desert Storm he retired from the USAF and returned to Western NC. His wood pieces are produced in his basement. Each is unique and original.

Care of your wooden treasure – remember that wood never really stops moving due to temperature and moisture. To minimize trauma, do not expose to direct sunlight, moisture, or extreme temperatures. Each piece is made from wood that was either destined for the fireplace or landfill. SO you have purchased a “rescued treasure.” Your treasure would appreciate it if you would give the sanded portions a rub of any furniture polish or wax once or twice a year. Enjoy! 


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