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Living near the Gulf coast of Houston, Texas was a far cry from the mountains. The mountains were calling, but obligations kept us there, until now. After several trips searching for property that fit our requirements, we found what we were looking for in the mountains of Waynesville, NC.

We downsized our herd from over 130 alpacas to our current 21, shifted our focus from breeding and now concentrate on the fiber side of the business. The alpacas are sheared once a year in the spring and garments and products are made from their fabulous soft fleece. The prime fleece is used to make garments such as socks and hats. Once reserved for royalty, anyone can now wear and experience the luxury of alpaca.

Alpaca fleece is very strong and durable. The fleece from the neck and legs (called seconds) is used to make rugs, placemats, and other items where softness is not as critical.

We love our alpacas and our life here in the mountains of North Carolina and are thrilled to be here!

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