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LeGrande Jewelry

In December of 2005, Kristie MacGregor’s third son, Garrett LeGrande MacGregor, was born with Medically Intractable Epilepsy which is a form of Epilepsy that does not respond to medication.  In July 2008, at Children’s Hospital in Denver, he underwent a life-saving surgery, a process that required family residence for nearly ten weeks. If not for this surgery, his profound seizures would have robbed him of his ability to grow and learn. Kristie, who was a practicing physical therapist, started to make jewelry as a way to stay home with Garrett.

Using natural stones, freshwater pearls and sterling silver, each piece is uniquely designed and handcrafted by Kristie. She hires other stay-at-home moms to help her. The jewelry skillfully hand-knotted on durable three-strand nylon cording giving each piece a simple organic quality. Adding to their allure, each piece is finished with a beautiful and unique button.  The result is jewelry that can be layered & wrapped, dressed up, or worn simply for everyday style.  Her signature piece is the long necklace that is very durable and versatile and can be worn long or wrapped for a choker or a bracelet.

Kristie partners with the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado to raise awareness for Epilepsy and to help support families also affected by Epilepsy. Some of her proceeds go to support the Foundation.

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