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Lindsay Morris is a retired software guy and idea generator. This idea, the Linear Clock, took him by the throat in 2019 and hasn’t let go. It has dragged him into electrical engineering, exotic hardwoods, and ten different galleries in North Carolina. The clocks continue to evolve in physical beauty and useful features. Nobody else in the world is making clocks like these. He will apparently never retire, but he’s not complaining. --

These one-of-a-kind clocks fit well over doors and windows or as a centerpiece on a wall. The battery lasts for 9 months and recharges overnight from any USB port.  The internal clock, used in scientific applications worldwide, is accurate to 8 seconds a year. Optional glow-in-the-dark dots let you tell time at night (the pointer moves back to the left at night). We use exotic or local hardwoods, and we all live and work in Asheville NC.

And it springs forward and falls back automatically for daylight savings time!

Nobody else in the world makes these.  No two are alike. 

All linear clocks are purchased by special order and can be customized to your liking.
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