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Even as a small child I enjoyed whittling with a pocketknife and building tree houses, forts, and things of that nature. After graduating from Western Carolina University with a degree in Parks and Recreation and having worked in that field for five or six years, I became very dissatisfied with what I was doing. Knowing that I liked to work with my hands, I began to work in several cabinet and millwork shops to pick up more knowledge and skills. Soon I was able to begin my own business building cabinets, furniture, etc. using local woods such as cherry, walnut, maple, wormy chestnut, etc. Eventually I moved on to making rustic furniture such as chairs, rockers, and tables out of rhododendron that I would cut from our woods. About twenty-five years ago, I began remodeling the old farmhouse that we live in. I just couldn't bring myself to burn or discard the beautiful old wood that I tore out of the house, so I began making furniture, sculptures, and birdhouses out of it. Soon, I became obsessed with the character, patina, and beauty of the old wood with chipped paint, nail holes, and dents. The wood has a history and a story to tell, and it has character that can't be found in new materials. Plus, it doesn't end up in a landfill somewhere. The old wood is getting harder to find, but I will continue to work with it for as long as I can find it.

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