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I was born, raised, and lived in southwestern Wisconsin for most of my life, until my wife
and I discovered Western North Carolina a few years ago.


My woodworking career started as a youngster working with my dad who did a lot of projects around the house. He would let me "help" him and I learned a lot from him. I needed a creative outlet and since I had always enjoyed woodworking, I bought a lathe and started turning bowls, plates, and candlesticks.


I really enjoyed wood turning so I kept buying wood and making things. Pretty soon we and our relatives had run out of room, but I didn't want to quit, so I bought a better lathe, made more, and we started going to art shows.


When we retired to Burnsville in 2007, I was determined to scratch the itch that had been there all these years, so I got back to woodworking. To me, the most gratifying part of woodworking is unlocking the natural beauty hidden inside raw lumber.

I will often start out with a concept and change it as the beauty of the wood reveals itself.  I currently have about 30 different kinds of domestic and exotic hardwoods from which I make a wide variety of functional and decorative pieces including plates, bowls, pen sets, letter openers, clocks & more. I use only clear finishes, so the color you see is the natural color of the wood.

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