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Deb Sholly



As a child, Deb’s mother had a series of books on artists. When Deb realized at age 7 that she shared a birthday with Vincent Van Gogh, she decided that she must be destined to be an artist. However, it took a bit of time.
Deb has lived in 13 states across America, and throughout her extensive travels, she takes her watercolors and her sketchbook, whether it be to Maine, Ireland, or Italy. Some of her favorite moments have been sitting in a vineyard in Tuscany with her sketchbook and paints, soaking up the incredible air and light of Tuscany. Growing up in a National Park Service family, and with careers with the USDA Forest Service and as a Professional River Guide on the Colorado River, Deb has enjoyed a lifetime love of nature’s beauty that comes through in her transparent watercolors. She began her watercolor journey upon retirement, through books and taking classes and workshops.
Deb loves nothing more than being outdoors to paint Plein Aire, to better feel her connection to the land and the ever-changing moody skies of the Smokies. She has finally found her home, and you may see her painting along the Blue Ridge Parkway or along a country road.



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