Betsey Carter Profile

First and foremost I am a utilitarian potter. I make objects in porcelain for everyday life be.   I love knowing that the pottery I make will hold food at dinner tables, display flowers from gardens, or steep restorative pots of tea. Working primarily in porcelain fired to cone 10 in reduction, I explore and exploit the strength, fluidity, and whiteness of the porcelain, striving for clean lines and simplicity of form, suggesting a contemporary feel to a traditional art form. Starting with wheel-thrown forms, I often alter shapes, add hand-built lids and spouts, or combine multiple parts. I use inlaid slip (Mishima), slip trailed or brush-worked underglazes, and overglazes as decoration. My glazes fall into two palettes: delicate white and celadon; and vibrant colors such as purple, turquoise, red, and chartreuse.

I received a BA from Agnes Scott College and my M.Ln. from Emory University.

Additional studies include Gibbes Museum School (SC), Arrowmont School of Crafts (TN); and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (ME).  A studio potter, I was a founder and co-owner of Cone 10 Studios in Charleston, SC, and am currently a Charleston ex-pat working in Los Angeles, CA.

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