Dan Binkley

"Since seventh-grade woodshop, I have always had a love for the natural beauty of wood and the endless variety of things made from wood.  I have made amateur efforts at remodeling an old house, refinishing furniture, and other similar projects.

But carving wood with knives and chisels to create pieces of art that are both practical and beautiful… Now that’s what I love.

One of the neat things about wood art is that no two pieces are exactly alike because of the variations of species of wood or even sections of the same log.  Consequently, everything is always new and exciting.

As a retired photographer, I have long had an appreciation for creative art.  Working with wood is just another exciting medium for me.

In pursuit of knowledge and skill I have been heavily influenced by the work of several excellent woodcarvers:  Mary May, David F. Fisher, Drew Langsner, Ben Orford, and many others."


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