Fred Bulgin

Fred was born and raised in Franklin, North Carolina.  He is a third-generation blacksmith/artesian, heralding from the Bulgin family who moved to the Americas from England in the 1800s.   He is a Heritage Member of The Southern Highland Craft Guild.

After retiring from a 33-year career in the power generation industry, Fred built a workshop and decided to pursue his passion for woodturning.  For his work, Fred harvests most of his wood from the local forests of Western North Carolina.

            Although he has experimented with many styles of turning, Hollow Form vessels are his favorite.  In the creation of a single vessel, he uses multiple species of wood of contrasting colors, shades or textures in an effort to highlight the curves and transition areas of the vessel surfaces.   His vessels have thin walls which give them a relatively lightweight for their size and lends to their overall graceful feel and appearance.  Occasionally, if there are small features on the wood which are going to be open to the surface at final turning, he will flesh them out by applying a small amount of copper or turquoise inlay.  Each piece is then given an extremely smooth finish using multiple processes. Mother Nature is his partner artist; she creates the beauty and Fred finds and highlights it.

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