Pegi Pike


In jewelry making, I am combining my artistic, fine motor skills with a deep spiritual satisfaction of working with the earth’s materials to create something that, on some level, touches another person. I continue to expand my knowledge of these materials and discover new ways to work them into a piece of myself that I am honored to share with others.

Silver and copper are my primary metals, although gold embellishments often find their way into my pieces. I incorporate fold-forming, forging, reticulation, hammer and rolling mill surface textures and patinas to create a feeling of age and some history. Employing traditional fabrication methods using hot and cold connections, I marry metals, stones and found objects into my designs. A combination of design by drawing, and simply surrounding myself with and playing with the rich materials, is what I need to get a piece going. When all is working well, metamorphosis occurs.

I feel fortunate that life’s journey continues to send me into the studio with a new sense of wonder and excitement as I explore the creative process.


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