Jan Carson - Moon-Lily Mobiles

Jan Carson received and MFA in Fibers from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Moon-Lily began in 1999 as a simple exercise in ingenuity, but quickly grew into a small wholesale business.  Initially made from artificial flowers, the mobiles progressed into original designs (“flower forms”) cut from lightly starched silk.  Although custom works have been much requested, the production aspect of the business has current priority.  

More than stylized representations of flowers and trees, the mobiles are expressions of the beauty, balance, and interconnection within nature.  Made from lightly starched silk, music and floral wire, the delicacy of the paper-like fabric is the mobile’s most attractive yet vulnerable aspect.  Each is created entirely by hand—as in nature, no two are exactly alike. 

Care:  Since music wire has a “memory”, mobiles should be transported in a coiled circle.  Any cleaning of the silk leaves should be done with canned air or a soft artist’s brush.  Exposure to UV lighting is discouraged. 


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