Alex Cavendish

Alex works only with burls, creating his beautiful lamps, vases and bowls. He collects all the wood he uses from dead trees. Some varieties are very difficult to find, so he spends a lot of time gathering material. Most of the wood is harvested from land being cleared for development or from areas where dead wood can be gathered by permit from Forest Service lands. He does not cut down living trees. Rather, he uses what would otherwise be thrown away.

"I use burls for their eccentric grain patterns, cracks and odd shapes which can be incorporated into a piece, making each unique. I hand-turn and rough sand each piece on a lathe, and then hand-rub to a high polish with a tung oil finish, which accentuates the grain and the natural color of the wood.

It is very rewarding to create something out of a material that many people generally burn, bury or throw away. I hope you enjoy this piece– many hours (and decades) have gone into its creation." Alex Cavendish


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